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Get your friends, family or colleagues together and discover the waters of Amsterdam in a different way. At the Nieuwe Meer (harbour of Davy & Ørsted), a beautiful location near the Amsterdam Forest you can rent a sup board and experience yourself how much fun and relaxing a Stand Up Paddle moment can be. Or book with a group a Cultural City SUP at the Amsterdam Amstel River with Amsterdams best SUP instructor of

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The relaxing South SUP in the Amsterdam forest area (along Nieuwe Meer). For those who want to escape the hectic city and like to paddle in a quiet and green surrounding where you can hear the sound of the birds. Rent a sup board and get in touch with the nature. Fun for everybody!! 

This Amsterdam Sup Center is located at the harbour of Davy & Ørsted, a Dutch design aluminium boat brand. You will rent fresh and new Mistral sup boards and before enter the water you will get short instructions too. 

First hour is €15,00
Every next hour €10,00 

Wetsuits available for € 5,00

€ 15,00

 ± 1hr
Nieuwe Meer

The famous city SUP for those who like to do something active on the water, you will paddle on the famous Amstel river. There is enough cool stuff to see while paddling on the Amstel river. Book the cultural city sup and have some fun on a board.

€ 25,- 

 ± 1,5hr
Amstel River

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Hi, this is me

My name is Liesbeth, the face behind •sup•my•city•. In 2014 I had my first experience with sup'ing and I was immediately sold. It’s a great way to clear my mind and train my body at the same time. In 2015 I bought my first board and since then I’m regularly paddling. People start asking me where they could do sup'ing, there began the idea to start a sup school. After taking a course at ASI I'm a certified SUP- instructor. After 3 years of owning a sup school I decided to quit the school and to be a trustful connector of different locations.

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and this is •sup•my•city•

•sup•my•city• started in 2016 and is based in Amsterdam. We are just a connector for several beautiful locations to sup from in Amsterdam. The aim of •sup•my•city• is to provide everyone the ultimate SUP experience. Whether you want to SUP in the city or in the beautiful Amsterdam forest area, alone or with your friends, everything is possible. Here you can book your own ultimate SUP experience.

Cheers, Liesbeth

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